How It Works

Transparent Reliable Management Service

Our systems are designed to provide simple solutions to complex problems. Read more about how we do this below.

The Method xi software system is a cutting-edge cloud-based valuation panel, process and instruction management system with multiple user portal interfaces, which is designed to be fully transparent, efficient, and cost-effective for users.

The software system has been built with the high-security and highly regulated requirements of banks and other financial institutions at its very core. It is constantly improved and updated with new features and has simple user friendly interfaces with plain English explanations to improve the overall user experience.

All data is stored in UK data centres, the system is designed to have full 24/7 access 365 days a year and communications between the parties have been designed with a user’s data security at its very heart.

The design of the various system portals and system algorithms result in high speed secure communication between parties.


The Method xi system allows those seeking valuation quotations to request them from an extensive panel of RICS Regulated Valuation Practices across the UK.

A user registers an account, completes the simple on line quote request form and at the click of a button, then submits it to the pool of potential valuers. When the first valuer responds the user is notified and is able to retrieve the valuation quote after paying the quotation fee to Method. Once the quotation fee has been paid the initial fee quotation returned is made available as are all subsequent fee quotations received in respect of that quotation request at no extra cost.

The quotation fee to be paid is £25+VAT. Payment is made on-line through Method’s on-line payment service.


Once a user has obtained a satisfactory fee quotation through the Method xi system they can then run the instruction through the Method xi system as well.

This is not compulsory, but it allows a user to benefit from the process workflow management that is part of the fabric of the Method xi system. The Instructions side of the system is designed to keep a user updated as a valuation proceeds through the various stages of the process, has an instruction writer to help prepare formal instructions to a valuer if this is required, allows communication and documents to be communicated between the parties in a fully GDPR compliant and secure way, and helps account users to keep track of multiple instructions when they exist in a clear easy to understand way.

The cost of running a valuation through the instruction side of the system is £50+VAT. Payment is again made on-line, at the point of instruction, through the system’s on-line payment service. Please note, this fee is separate to any fee you agree and are charged by the valuer who undertakes the valuation.

Additional benefits of processing instructions through the Method xi system:

  • Comprehensive Case History
    • Available at the click of a button at any point
    • Comprehensive case summary document in PDF format
    • Copies of all notes, correspondence, and communications through the system
    • All communications time and date stamped
    • Presented as a zipped folder with structured sub-folder directory
  • Access to Method on-line property term glossary of over 2500 property terms
  • Ability to track instructions at every stage of the process
  • Ability to upload your own instruction or to use the system’s instruction writer
  • Ability to run your Post Valuation Queries through the system’s live chat PVQ feature
  • Ability to download valuation reports in a fully secure and GDPR compliant fashion
  • Access to Method on-line property term glossary of over 2500 property terms

Full terms and conditions are available here.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.