Method for Lenders

We speed up your lending process and help mitigate risk

Method ensures that valuations are procured from only the most appropriate and best qualified providers, helping lenders to align their valuation requirements with their lending policies and minimise the risk to their loan book.

Our lender portal provides total control. As and when lenders change their lending or credit policies, they can change the criteria settings on the system. The system then only allows valuers who meet the criteria requested to quote and undertake the valuation or monitoring.

Available to use as full panel management, or simply when you need extra coverage our cloud-based technology allows Method to deliver a cost-effective service that helps reduce costs for borrowers.

Easy to use, intuitive screens and processes also helps ensure projects stay on track and help you deliver a seamless lending experience for your clients.

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Secured lending

Method supports lenders with their risk management through intelligent selection of the most appropriate valuers and the ongoing management of the valuation panel ensuring that panel firms continue to meet our lender’s requirements.

Method's panel of over 150 valuation practices, ranging from large national surveying companies to smaller regional and local firms, means there is always a valuer with an appropriate expertise and experience at hand.

Development monitoring and appraisal

We understand the significant risks posed by development funding. Having a bespoke IMS panel ensures that all Independent Monitoring Surveyor work is carried out by suitably qualified and experienced IMS professionals.

Our efficient workflow systems ensure that reports can be instructed, tracked and received in line with lenders requirements.

How it works

Lenders set their criteria

Establishing criteria such as the level of PII, number of company directors, how close to a property a surveyor should be based etc.

Property professionals set parameters

Valuation and IMS practices outline the type of work they wish to receive by market sector, property type and location.


The systems’ algorithms select the most appropriate surveyors based on the parameters and criteria.

Quotation and instruction

Suitable panel members are asked to provide a fee quote, confirm their availability and ability to meet SLAs. The lender chooses who to instruct.

Reports & quality checking

If required, we provide Quality Control checks from suitably qualified RICS surveyors, to ensure compliance with the lender's requirements.

Supporting your business

Reducing lender effort

With Method's easy-to-use and intuitive user interfaces, data only has to be input once to receive multiple quotations and issue instructions.


A seamless workflow of quotation, instruction, and report return plus diarised reminders keep panel members on track and lenders informed.

Direct contact

Method xi enables secure and direct contact between lenders and surveyors with everything attached to a downloadable case file.

Fully integratable

Our API led system is fully integratable with lender’s origination systems, saving time and reducing the risk of error.


Method xi provides a full suite of management information. You can also track panel performance and company information.

Helping lenders to manage risk

Panel management

No more time spent manually checking panel qualifications, changes at firms or PII cover, set your requirements and we will do the rest.

Valuation risk

Only the most suitable Panel Valuers are selected to quote helping to optimise quality, minimising risk and subsequent credit losses.

Development risk

Our Independent Monitoring Surveying (IMS) panel can assist in monitoring the level of risk from project inception to completion.

Fewer hands

Save time and reduce the risk of manual error with easy-to-use intuitive screens and processes that help save clients thousands of hours.

Optimising quality

Should you require it, your panel valuers adherence to your requirements can be checked by Method’s RICS qualified professionals.

System features

1 Direct communication with your panel
Method facilitates direct communication between the lender and panel firms.
2 Transparency of your panel members
You know who you’re dealing with and have all of details about the practice and its individuals.
3 Multiple quotations
One quote request yields multiple responses with cost, availability and ability to meet SLA confirmed.
4 Easy to instruct
Converting a quotation to an instruction is straight forward and really quick.
5 Clear workflow management
Easy to use screens guide you through the valuation and IMS processes.
6 Applying your lending policy
Method's algorithms use your criteria to select only the most appropriate valuers.
7 Live performance data
Review how your panel and Method are performing with the ability to download source data for further analysis.
8 System features
The system comes with a host of helpful features including deprivation indexing, coverage maps and glossary of terms available at the click of a button.
9 Friendly support staff
Method’s staff are helpful, friendly and professional.
10 Secure communication architecture
The Method xi system is 100% secure and built to comply with UK data protection legislation.


"Method are ahead of the market when it comes to the use of technology in valuation management."

Catalyst Finance

"We can clearly understand the fees being charged. Everything is open and transparent for all to see."

Catalyst Finance

"Method ensures we mitigate risk and timescales, whilst providing the best outcome for our broker and borrower."

Roma Finance

"Method’s portal is easy to use and supported by an excellent customer service team who are always on hand to help."

Alternative Bridging Corporation Limited

"The team love using Method as the quotes are always competitive by comparison."

Autarky Capital

"Method are fully transparent, open about the fees and don’t hide anything."

Autarky Capital

"Like Method, our ethos is to deliver truly transparent lending solutions. It was a no brainer to partner with them."

Black and White Bridging

"We estimate Method has saved us thousands of hours of work and emails."

CM Wealth International

"Being able to receive quotations back from multiple partners is really helpful. It gives our clients options on speed and cost."


"Method adhere to our customers’ needs on flexibility and price. Whatever our clients require the same high service remains."

Roma Finance

"Method’s intel helps lenders select not only the most cost effective valuers, but also the most available and quick to respond."

Catalyst Finance

"I was not shocked to discover that Method has attracted numerous new bridging lenders to its system, which automatically links finance providers to appropriate valuers."

Beth Fisher, B&C News

"Method's due diligence on new valuers allows us to facilitate and decide whether certain valuers fit our bespoke criteria."

CM Wealth International

"Method enables us to continue to deliver the high standards of service that our customers expect."

Alternative Bridging Corporation Limited

"Valuations being instructed at a click of a button—which will be music to the ears of brokers."

Beth Fisher, B&C News

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