Delivering on our promise
to improve panel management

Why choose Method for panel management

Since inception in 2014, Method has grown from an idea about how to improve the standard of valuation panel management to a market leader in valuation and development monitoring panel management and procurement.

Today, through our Method xi software system, we connect a thriving community of the UK’s top lending companies with the most appropriate valuers for each quotation and instruction.

Our processes and system are designed to improve the lending and valuation process for all stakeholders, mitigating risk, driving efficiencies, adding value and ultimately saving you time and money.

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Living our brand values


Our API based cloud propriety software has been designed to improve the lending process in terms of speed and risk management.

Technology driven and forward thinking, we invest in our technology, systems and people.

"Method are ahead of the market when it comes to the use of technology in valuation management"

Catalyst Finance


We combine technology and market intelligence to minimise valuation related credit risk.

Intelligent software ensures appropriate valuers are selected and that lending criteria is always applied and adhered to.

"Method ensures we mitigate risk and shorten timescales, whilst providing the best outcome for our broker and borrower"

Roma Finance


We are transparent, professional and fair in all our undertakings. All parties know who is involved and can track performance and progress.

Our pricing is transparent with no deductions from valuers' fees.

"Like Method, our ethos is to deliver truly transparent lending solutions. It was a no brainer to partner with them"

Black and White Bridging

Great Value

There are no set-up costs, maintenance charges or licence fees to use the Method xi system.

"The team love using Method as the quotes are always competitive by comparison; they are fully transparent, open about the fees and don’t hide anything"

Autarky Capital


We provide an automated process-led system that drives efficiencies and increases productivity.

Real time updates and multiple handy features help you save time, reduce effort and mitigate risk.

"We estimate that Method has saved us thousands of hours of work and emails"

CM Wealth International


We take a partnering approach with all our clients and system users.

We take an interest in and try to support everyone involved in the lending process through our technology, market insights and knowledge, plus personal support.

"From the management down, Method deal with any questions, are very approachable and always show professionalism in their work"

Michael Parkes

Introducing the Method xi Software system

Bespoke service

Our system can be tailored to each individual practice

Easy to use

Intuitive screens and workflows help to drive efficiencies & minimise risk

Intelligent selection

Your parameters and criteria define who you work with

Direct contact

Connect and engage with multiple providers at the click of a button

Seamless workflows

Our established processes and notifications help keep your projects on track

Real time data visibility

Supplier capability and performance, plus quotation, instruction and reports

Fully integratable

Fully integratable with Client's originations systems

Constant development

To keeping you, and us, ahead of the game

Secure by design

Built to adhere to strict UK banking guidelines

Some of our clients

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