Start of a busy month for Method Valuation UK Limited

Despite Covid-19, many of Method’s Lender Clients are still active and many of their Panel Valuers still undertaking valuations.

Published 03rd Apr 2020

Whilst things in the industry are a long way from normal, those lenders and valuers who are still working can access Method in exactly the same way they always have done – with the whole process managed online, available 24/7 and COVID free.

If you need personal support, our team are available as usual via email, phone or skype to answer your questions.

Method Launches Fee Scale tool for lenders

Never ones to standstill, we are launching a number of new features in the coming weeks that will further enhance Methods market leading offering.

With today's launch of the Fee Scale feature lender clients can now:

  • Check the correct fee payable for a valuation by property type, estimated value and location
  • Real time updates when scales change, providing clarity & certainty
  • Download & print agreed & current fee scales
  • All stored in a single place and available online

The new fee scale page sits in the Resources Section of the Lender Portal.

Managing Director, Mark Robertson MRICS, said

By adding the Fee Scale Page we are helping Lender Clients move away from archaic paper-based working practices or having to relying on every team member having access to the correct spreadsheet.

Operating in real time, its great for when a lender updates their fee scales, reducing the risk of staff working to incorrect scales.

As the Method xi software system continues its development it is nice to be able to introduce additional features which improve the user experience.

Never ones to standstill, we will be launching a number of new features in the coming weeks that will further enhance Methods market leading offering.

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