SLA Extension Request Feature

As a valuation Panel Manager that has operated for over six years, Method is aware that there are sometimes valid reasons why a Panel Valuer cannot meet the SLA agreed for a valuation report at the point of instruction

Published 07th Apr 2020

As part of the development of the Method xi software system Method has added a new feature so that Panel Valuers can notify lenders of delays through the Method xi software system.

The new SLA Extension Request Feature enables:

  • Panel Valuers to notify a lender of any issues or problems which affect their ability to submit the valuation report within the agreed SLA.
  • The lender can then agree, or not agree, to extending the SLA on a case by case basis, based on the explanation provided by the valuers.
  • Whether or not they formally agree to extend the SLA, the lender will then have clear idea of when to expect a report.
  • All SLA Extension Requests, like all other system communications, are stored online, in a single place, and are available to download as part of the comprehensive Case History Summaries available to lenders.

Panel Performance data

In addition to clear and secure lines of communication, this new development also provides the opportunity to monitor Panel performance more effectively.

Where Valuers and lenders agree on revised SLAs then it is important that Method reflects that in our panel performance data.

The revised SLA data will then from part of the Panel Valuers 6 monthly performance review and will help us identify any blockages in the process.

It will also provide lenders with clear performance indicators and help them make an informed choice on their panel.

Operations Director, Niall Deas MRICS RICS Registered Valuer said

As most of those who know us well would undoubtedly agree, our mission is to improve communication between lenders and their panel valuers. This new feature will help speed up the valuation process, allow lenders to keep applicants up to date with how things are proceeding and to improve transparency in the whole process.

This new feature will also be a fundamental corner stone of how we monitor valuers SLA performance and to allow us to undertake trend analysis with the lender client base to help iron out any issues in the process.

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