Valuation Practice Alert - Coronavirus

The following statement has been issued by RICS about the impacts of COVID - 19 on property inspections

Valuation Practice Alert - Coronavirus

Published 19th Mar 2020

The following statement has been issued by RICS about the impacts of COVID - 19 on property inspections.

"The effects of the COVID - 19 Virus will affect the work carried out by RICS Regulated Members* in a variety of ways, with varying impacts. The exact consequences of the COVID -19 outbreak are unknown but inspecting property may be difficult either through their Firm’s own internal procedures, Government imposed restrictions or unwillingness of occupants to grant access. Access to evidential data such as comparables may also be less freely available.

RICS reminds Regulated Members that - in addition to following the directions of Government authorities - they should act in a transparent and professional manner. Where there are changes to the way RICS Regulated Members normally proceed with instructions, this must be agreed with the client and any agreed changes must be recorded. RICS Regulated Members should make detailed file notes to support the rationale that underpinned the changes.

Any restrictions of information and/or the ability to inspect must be made clear, agreed with the client and clearly stated in the report. All affected terms of engagement must be amended to confirm this. These requirements also apply to any valuation assumptions that are made as a consequence of restricted access and/or valuation information. If the Regulated Member considers that it is not possible to provide a valuation on a restricted basis, the instruction should be declined

RICS Members must be aware and act within the requirements of RICS Red Book Global. The relevant sections are:

  1. VPS 1.3.1 (i) Nature and extent of the valuer’s work including investigations and limitations thereon
  2. VPS 2.1 Inspections and Investigations
  3. VPS 2.2 (g) Extent of Investigations
  4. VPS 4.8 Assumptions

RICS Regulated Members should also ensure they understand and comply with any guidance or requirements issued by national jurisdictions (say as an emergency measure), which may take precedence over the RICS Red Book Global.

Individual Markets will react differently to the COVID-19 outbreak, and RICS Regulated Members may be considering whether a material uncertainty declaration is now appropriate. RICS Regulated Members should be fully aware of VPGA 10 and VPS 3 within RICS Red Book Global in the decision-making process. If material uncertainty is declared, you are reminded that this should be explicitly stated.

*RICS Regulated Members refers collectively to both individual registered members of the profession and firms that are registered with RICS for regulation.

** we = the RICS Regulated Member and not RICS"

You can read their statement online here.

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